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On-Board Feedback Management
Most often employees leave because they feel they are not valued. Majority of new employees feel out of place, because the management fails to either solicit or listen to their opinion. Seeking timely feedback through Skillscapes focused approach and responding to concerns results into improved involvement and engagement of new employees.
Working at the ground level and keeping focus on the uncomfortable and vulnerable segment, i.e. new employees, Skillscape has designed an approach.  This will harness the benefits of employee engagement survey, stay interview, individual counselling and mentoring. Undoubtedly, this approach is quite effective in:
  • Avoiding the slippage of new employees into "lost" thinking.
  • Making new employees comfortable.
  • Conveying the message that "management listens."
  • Helping new employees to settle during the period when the bonds are still weak and there is danger of losing them thus making the entire recruitment investment going waste.
  • Improving brand image.
  • Reducing the gestation period before new employees start working to their full efficiency.
You will be amazed with this program conceptualized and designed by Skillscape. Try it!
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