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Exit Feedback Management
While Stay interviews provide a great tool they cannot be the replacement for exit interviews. In corporate world, job hopping is quite a normal phenomenon and there is going to be some attrition.  Zero departures are never desirable. In spite of excellent systems in place, certain feedback will come only at the time of exit. Exit interviews are not in conflict with stay interviews but complimentary to them.
Employees are the most important asset to any organization. The feedback received through our focused approach helps in discovering the real reasons for an employees departure. While maintaining the highest level of confidentiality, we collect and analyze the information and recommend specific actions that help improve management practices & policies and directly impact retention levels.
Skillscapes robust Exit Feedback Management System brings in the following benefits:
  • Exiting employees are made to feel comfortable to reveal their true feelings, which may not be possible with an insider.
  • Ex-employees act as the organizations brand ambassadors.
  • Data analysis throws up the hidden issues troubling the employees.
  • Opportunity to take corrective actions for the benefit of the organization.
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