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Employee Engagement Survey
For any organization moving on the path of success and growth, it is very important to have employees who have a sense of pride in their work and in their organization. Employee engagement is the most important factor in the overall success of an organization. Therefore, it is important to find out the areas in which an organization excels and areas where it needs to improve.
Commitment is a key component of employee engagement that goes well beyond satisfaction. Engaged employees love their work and continually look for ways to improve their work experience, which in turn has implications upon customers.
This survey aims at measuring current employee engagement levels in an organization, and enables management to identify and address focus areas to improve overall employee engagement. It comes with Skillscape recommendation on ways and means to improve employee engagement levels.
Skillscape Employee Engagement Survey can result in:
  • Knowing employees perception about different areas.
  • Understanding employees engagement levels and expectations.
  • Opportunities to improve performance through useful feedback.
  • Tracking of data over time to indicate whether improvement implementations are affecting desired areas for change.
  • Improved working environment and employee retention.
  • Improved commitments, loyalty and hence better performance.
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