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360 Degree Feedback
3600 Feedback or Multi Rater Feedback is one of the most powerful tools for people development. The power of this tool lies in the robustness of the design and the confidentiality of data. The success of this exercise largely depends on follow-up actions taken by the individuals. Skillscape guides participants at each step and helps them lay out their own action plans.
It provides an objective framework for identifying perception gaps, developing self-awareness and understanding how to improve personal effectiveness.
3600 Feedback creates an environment for constructive and honest feedback. It enables people to understand their personal impact, identify development areas and work towards improving their effectiveness. The organization and individuals get benefitted thus:


  • Provides multiple inputs to improve role, performance, styles and ideas.
  • Focuses on competencies and performance.
  • Provides better linkages with training.
  • Leads to enhanced role effectiveness and managerial effectiveness of individual managers.
  • Helps focus on the target areas like quality, cost, customer service etc.
  • Is more participative and enhances the quality of HR decisions.
  • Suitable for promoting new cultures.


This simple tool can do wonders for your organization.Let us discuss
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