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Competency Evaluation & Mapping
Competency Evaluation and Competency Mapping needs to be seen beyond the appraisal process. Skillscape aims at making the evaluation exercise objective. Specially designed tools are deployed to ensure that subjectivity is weeded out of the process as much as possible. Application of the technique over a period measures the trajectory of organizational competency. In other words, the mapping shows the effectiveness of the organizational efforts in this direction. A systematic approach in this direction will result in:


  • An efficient framework to measure competencies.
  • Reduction in subjectivity.
  • Inputs to help training needs identification.
  • Feasibility to measure competency of a department / organization.
  • Inputs to improve competencies.
  • Motivating people to work in this direction.


But, there is also a Negative Side of Competency Mapping. Let your organization not fall into that trap. Call the experts.
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