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CORE Multidimensional Mapping

 CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile is the only instrument that accurately measures the critical three -

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Development Levels
  3. Coping Abilities

Only CORE assessments have the ability to :
  • Measure self-perception, behavioral styles and preferred functions; and determine congruence.
  • Measure and predict emotional competence / emotional intelligence.
  • Define how you are likely to function overall and in a particular position / situation.
  • Gauge people motivation and morale to take corrective steps.
  • Show development and effectiveness levels for all possible traits.
  • Precisely pinpoint the areas for development to have the maximum impact on your business.
  • Describe reactionary patterns and behaviors on an average day and when under stress.
  • Get beyond erroneous self-perception and reach right to the core of your authentic nature.
  • Systematically move you away from self-defeating behaviors and beliefs;and move towards your highest level of functioning - both personally and professionally.
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