What does a more effective and efficient staff mean to your bottom line?

If your staff is not performing to its full potential, it is certain that the productivity and profits of your organization are suffering. Drawing upon decades of experience in people processes, we are dedicated to increasing the value of your business as a whole by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your team.


Skillscape can support your business to enjoy:

  • Streamlined HR processes leading to significant savings in staff time and effort.
  • An improved work environment, which means greater employee morale and motivation.
  • More competent staff that gets more work done in their time on the clock.
  • Improved performance on the organizational as well as individual levels.

Since 2008, Skillscape has been helping organizations - small, medium and large – to grow their business primarily through the strategic development of the people behind the organization. To see how we can help your business reach its goals, please ask for a no-obligation, complimentary consultation.

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How improving your effectiveness and efficiency will make you a more valuable individual?
Do you feel that destiny is not kind to you and you deserve much more than what you have got. Irrespective of whether you are an employee or a business owner, the remedial measures lie with you.

Skillscape interventions can help you have an objective assessment of yourself. That will systematically enhance your competencies and skills to improve your effectiveness and efficiency.

To see how we can help you achieve your dreams, please explore the following links:


We are just a click away
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Years ago...

...When Ashok Grover moved from Operations to Corporate HR, he felt the need to be on the fast track to capture nitty-gritties of the HR function. So, he went on to attend an association meet, where an important member speaker commented, These days companies are talking of HR.

I appeal to all member organizations to rename their departments from ...

  • The Convenient, Disposable Employee Author - Dr. Ben A Carlsen

    Human Resources decisions are seldom easy. We may live in a "throwaway society" but this norm is based on convenience and low cost. Does the same norm apply when it comes to people?

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  • Succession Development Planning Author - Melissa Jain

    Should the term "Succession planning" be eliminated from your vocabulary? Should you focus only on the development of leaders? Or do they go hand in hand? The focus need to be clear!

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  • What is the Secret of a Great HR Manual? Author - Ashok Grover

    With ready-made drafts available for HR manuals, isn't it extremely easy to prepare one? That's what one thinks... only later, to start wondering why such an exhaustive HR policy manual has created more problems than it solved!

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  • Putting Succession Planning in Practice Author - Ashok Grover

    Succession planning is not just putting a couple of names against identified positions in the organization.  But, do not try to look for the best practices in this area. Rather, address these questions!

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  • The Top 9 Policies That Should Be Part Of Every Employee Handbook Author - Dianne Shaddock

    Why to have an employee handbook? How to ensure that it highlights your expectations for the workplace, puts in writing any legal requirements requirements and sets employee guidelines for workplace practices and behavior in black and white.

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  • Why to Discuss a Manpower Review? Author - Artur Victoria

    Do you know that more productive and constructive man-manager appraisal discussions result from the use of a performance appraisal form prepared by the subordinate as contrasted with the usual form prepared by the manager? Interesting (and useful!)

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  • Employee Satisfaction or Employee Engagement? Author - Ashok Grover

    Are you measuring the Employee Satisfaction or Employee Engagement? What is the difference between the two? Or was Shakespeare right when he said, "What is in a name?"

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  • Improve Recruitment Decisions Through DISC Psychometrics Author - Ashok Grover

    Have you come across the statement “We hire people for their technical skills… and fire them for behavioral faults?” An effective solution lies with psychometric tools like DISC, which is quite simple, yet powerful one.

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  • 4 Tips to Streamline Your Company's Hiring Process Author - Dave Dart

    Hiring is a time consuming and expensive affair. An effective hiring process can not only save time and money, it can also help the organization to attract the right talent. Here are some golden tips on how to go about it.

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  • Hiring Managers Are Utilizing Social Media Author - Darwin Redshield

    With so much information about you available on the social media, do you think that it affects hiring decisions of recruiters? Here are some useful tips for stakeholders on both the sides!

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  • Training OR Development ? Author - Ashok Grover

    The term “Training & Development” is used quite often; but have you ever pondered what is the difference between “training” and “development”?  Do they mean the same thing? If yes, then why use two terms instead of one? If not, why not?

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  • Catch Them Doing Something Right Author - DP Sabharwal

    Everybody yearns for recognition, more so because most of the time, they are hearing words of negation and criticism. Small gestures like noticing your subordinate doing some good work and compliment him then and there, can do wonders.

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  • Getting Rid of Performance Evaluations Is a Bad Idea Author - Marnie Green

    Thinking about Eliminating Performance Evaluations? Is it in fashion now-a-days? Beware! This article discusses what will happen if your organization gets rid of the performance evaluation.

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  • Staff Development Options Author - Deborah Laurel

    Organizations that invest in staff development have found that it improves efficiency, productivity, employee morale and job satisfaction while ensuring the continuation of institutional knowledge and reduction in employee turnover and costs.

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  • Recipe for Making a Good Trainer Author - Ashok Grover

    Going with the spirit of ROI, any HR training must focus on business through improved competencies hence performance, reduction in costs and a congenial working environment. How to become a trainer to ensure this!

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  • Practices That Will Surely Improve Employee Retention in Your Office Author - Ashok Grover

    Employee retention is an issue with practically every organization. The good news is that you can really retain your people by following a few rules and practices. All of those secrets are revealed here!

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  • How to Extract Superior Performance from Your People Author - Ashok Grover

    What do you do when your team does not appear to be performing in spite of your pushing it to the limits? What are the options available to you? What is the right approach?

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  • Building a Virtual Team: 4 Tips for Hiring Remote Workers Author - Richard Lepsinger

    While self-motivation, trustworthiness and functional skills are essential requirements for any employee, these qualities are even more critical for someone who is going to be working from a distance. How to ensure these while choosing for a virtual team!

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  • Employee Surveys: a Strategic Tool for Positive Change Author - Marcia Zidle

    Employee surveys can be efficient and low cost methods to connect to your people, to show them that their opinions count, and to act as lightning rods for change. Did you know if you can measure it you can manage it better?

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  • Talent Management: The Line of Attack for Employee Retention Author - Aumaima A

    Employee retention can prove to be very expensive to manage. Organizations can make a big difference by doing simple things and can create a win-win situation for both themselves and their employees.

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  • How Big is the Challenge of Manpower Planning? Author - Ashok Grover

    Many  organizations are not able to conduct this important exercise, because the task of manpower planning is too complex and yet not error proof. Let us have a look at the complexities of this continuous, dynamic exercise!

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  • Have Exit Interviews Lost to Stay Interviews ? Author - Ashok Grover

    In corporate world, exit interviews have been in vogue for a long time. Can the relatively new concept of Stay Interviews that provides a lot of value, replace exit interviews? Are exit interviews no more relevant? Read here.

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